Garden Club of Taos

Presentations (2015)

David Salman, Feb.19:  "The Beauty of Native Shrubs & Trees for Waterwise Landscapes"

Shengrui Yao, Mar.19:  "Better Methods for Growing Berries in Cold Cimates"

Charles Mann, May 21:  "Easy Hints for Better People Pictures"

Presentations (2016)

Wildhood Farms, March 17:  Guide to Pollinators.pdf

Some Favorite Suppliers

www.highcountrygardens.com      plants for water-wise gardening

www.fedcoseeds.com                 veggies, herbs, flower

www.johnnyseeds.com               veggies, herbs, flower (quick delivery)

www.kitazawaseed.com              Asian vegetables

www.sandhillpreservation.com    heirloom seeds and poultry

www.gardeners.com                   garden tools & supplies. (They have an interactive garden planner feature that is fun and informative, plus an encyclopedia of basic info on growing individual vegetables and herbs.)

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